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Barrier Applications

The latest example of Cham Paper Group Solutions’ innovative prowess is its barrier papers. The speciality papers from the Barnamic product family are used for the packaging of ice cream, chocolate, various powders and other foods, and feature properties that enable steam, vapours, fats or oils to be repelled and the contents to be optimally protected.

Barnamic does not use any problematic composite materials such as aluminium or polyvinylidene chloride (PVdC), and fully recyclable and flexible to use: The necessary protective and machine requirements are specified in collaboration with the customer, who with Barnamic also benefits from a simplified packaging process without any complicated upstream bonding processes.



Head of Barrier Applications

David Prevost
Ph +41 41 785 32 63

Contact for Business Development

Bernd Zink
Ph +49 7841 640 66 68


Contact for Application Technology

Stéphane Latouche-Hallé
Ph +41 41 785 32 67