Head Office in Switzerland: Cham Paper Group Management Inc.
Address: Fabrikstrasse, CH-6330 Cham
Phone +41 41 785 33 33, E-Mail mail.cham@cham-group.com

Digital Imaging

Cham Paper Group Solutions is a leader in papers for digital large format printing and industrial inkjet printing. The range also includes sublimation papers for digital textile printing and inkjet papers, which are coated on both sides, for high-speed inkjet printing. The products are developed and tested, in consultation with our customers, in our in-house laboratory and produced on one of our two state of the art coating machines, as a jumbo roll or equipped plotter rolls.



Sales Director Digital Imaging 

Franziska Stöckli
Ph +41 41 785 34 03 

Contact for Asia Pacific, Middle East,
OEM's worldwide 

Tobias Sternbeck
M +65 9105 9874

Contact for Germany, Netherlands

Johannes Diener
Ph +41 41 785 33 66

Contact for Italy, France, Benelux,
Greece, Turkey, Latin America, Mexico 

Bernhard J. Zwahlen
Ph +41 41 785 34 94 

Contact for Scandinavia, Switzerland, Austria,
Eastern Europe, Spain, Portugal, Russia, North Africa

Steffen Müller
Ph +41 41 785 35 22

Contact for South Africa, Chile

Urs Ziegler
M +41 79 444 84 45

Contact for USA, Canada

Tina Moylan
M +1 717 880 2162

Contact for Great Britain, Ireland

Geoff Ling
M +44 7802 778590